The aim of the programme is to support people who are:

Homeless or who are vulnerably housed
Misusing substances
Have mental health issues
Experiencing domestic abuse
Current or ex-offenders

With the aim of helping them resolve their complex needs and become socially and economically included through access to education, training and employment. Each person will be allocated a locally based ‘Navigator’ who will support them to achieve their goals in partnership with existing support agencies where they are already involved.


Each participant MUST be able to prove that they have the Right to
Work in the UK and that they are unemployed or economically inactive.

Evidence of this includes:

Full Birth Certificate
Letter from the Job Centre that includes NI number and DOB

 All participant support costs are met by the programme including:

Interpretation and translation
One off items to help you meet your support plan goals.

Additional support includes:

Specialist counselling services
Peer support
Bite size learning and training opportunities focusing on personal development, wellbeing, employment and maintaining your home



Also available to Opportunity and Change participants is a unique range of group-based, personal development activities, and therapeutic interventions. Learn more in these videos.

Our Partners

Acorn Training provides high-quality training courses across a number of subject areas ranging from Accounting to Hairdressing.

Acorn supports the participant into employment, by working with the individual and perspective employers

See more on Acorn’s website, click here

Derby YMCA provides support in a number areas including training courses, health and wellbeing, family work and hospitality.

The support provided aims to equip the individual with the resources needed to build confidence, gain skills, move towards employment and live independently.

See more on Derby YMCA’s website, click here

Derbyshire Law Centre offers personal advice and assistance to participants. Their objective is to achieve equal access to justice for all sections of the community by providing legal services in social welfare law in the Derbyshire area.

Derbyshire Law Centre also have specialist counselling services and programs of bite sized courses to develop confidence, independence and wellbeing.

See more on Derbyshire Law Centre’s website, click here

Derventio Housing Trust is a national housing association that assists people who are homeless or who are experiencing issues with mental health, learning disabilities or poor health, to provide them with the resources to lead stable and independent lives.

The support provided can range from pre-tenancy training, to emotional support, to one to one advice and mentoring.

See more on Derventio’s website, click here

Double Impact helps around 1000 people a year, specialising in supporting those that are experiencing drug addiction and substance misuse.

Double Impact offer a range of services encompassing educational groups, courses to build self-esteem and employment skills, housing support and safe places for people to socialise and support each other.

See more on Double Impact’s website, click here

Emmanuel House exists to support homeless, vulnerable or isolated adults in and around Nottingham.

It welcomes around 2,000 people each month, many of whom have complex and multiple needs.

Emmanuel House provides further support and services including advice and advocacy around tenancies, benefits, mental health support, training and workshops, drug & alcohol support, a daily nurse and a core programme of social activities. It also has an onsite charity shop, which brings in much needed income and is a place for service users to gain first hand work experience.

Framework offers a range of support services designed to help people with mental health difficulties, drug and alcohol problems, offenders, vulnerable women and families in relation to homelessness.

In house support services range from education (to equip the participant with the skills to live independently), floating support, supported accommodation, one-on-one mentoring and street outreach work.

See more on Frameworks’ website, click here

Improving Lives specialises in supporting adults with complex health and social needs. The support offered ranges from assistance with paperwork e.g. bills and applications, to combating isolation through befriending services.

Improving Lives are committed to helping the participant until they get the solution they need.

See more on Improving Lives’ website, click here

NNRF works with and for refugees and asylum seekers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

NNRF provide a welcoming community centre that offers specialised advice, support and friendship to refugees and asylum seekers. In addition, NNRF also offer advocating services in cases of injustice and hardship, as well as programmes to develop confidence, skills and knowledge.

See more on NNRF’s website, click here

Notts YMCA offer courses that encompass the passions of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

As well as courses, Notts YMCA provides housing services and activities to develop the mind, body and spirit of individuals, families and communities, and improve health and well-being for all.

See more on Notts YMCA’s website, click here

Nottingham Women’s centre enables women in Nottinghamshire to reach their full potential, have their voices heard and overcome barriers to creating a better future for themselves and their children.

The Women’s Centre provides, advice, guidance, counselling, safe spaces to meet, as well as courses and activities.

See more on the Women’s Centre website, click here

Women’s work support over 750 women each year. Providing a range of support services to improve the lives of women and their children.

Women’s work delivers the Freedom Program and a parenting programme to improve parenting skills, family and relationships.

Women’s work also offers English and Maths courses with the hope of empowering women to develop resilience and practical skills, so they can move on, develop support networks and can live confident fulfilling lives.

See more on the Women’s Work website, click here