Good News Story B

Outcomes: Training, improved mental health and wellbeing, reduced substance misuse

The participant has PTSD, following a serious physical assault that took place at his workplace several years ago. He lives in a state of constant fear and panic; unable to go out alone, he is untrusting and fearful of people in general and constantly feels threatened. When first referred to Opportunity and Change, the participant was drinking heavily and using heroin to self-medicate. He reported that he had a challenging time with sleepless nights and self-harming in the run-up to attending the initial appointment with the Navigator.
During 1-1 sessions, the Navigator encouraged the participant to explore his interests, leading him to revisit a latent interest in sketching portraits. The Navigator asked the participant to bring some of his work to sessions to discuss, and suggested he could try accessing an online art community, watch online tutorials and research sketching techniques. The Navigator encouraged the participant to upload his favourite work online and ask for feedback, in order to rekindle a sense of pride and achievement in his work.
The participant enrolled onto a two year, Level 2 Art and Design course. He has now completed his first year and is working on his portfolio for the final examination, with aspirations to become a professional illustrator. Whilst engaging with Opportunity and Change, the participant attended weekly art therapy sessions and receives monthly visits from mental health professionals for further support. The participant has also been clean from heroin for twelve months, and his alcohol consumption and self-harming have significantly reduced.