Good News Story C

Outcomes: Employment, improved mental health, increased confidence and skills

Ben has been unemployed for four years, and couldn’t see himself getting back into work anytime soon. He was experiencing depression, anxiety, and found it hard to engage with support. He was struggling with basic routine and self-care such as regular showering, remembering to prepare and eat meals, and take medication.
Ben was referred to Opportunity and Change by his housing provider. His personal Navigator promptly referred him to access counselling, and Skills Plus for Change; to help him develop his self-confidence. When Ben was feeling more confident he was referred to an internal training course at Acorn, which provided a refresher in employability skills and personal development. Ben received practical support to update his CV, complete application forms and support with interview skills and preparation. One week after attending this course, Ben successfully applied for a job at Acorn Training as an Apprentice Administrator.
Alongside his job, Ben is also completing a Level 3 qualification in Business Administration. Ben now has the confidence and skills to carry out his role efficiently, and is a valued member of the team. Ben has directly stated that if it wasn’t for Opportunity and Change’s support during the most difficult time of his life, he most likely would still be off work today and would not have been able to address his needs appropriately.