Good News Story A

Outcomes: Training, improved mental health and increased life skills

Cara was attending an event hosted by JCP where she met an Opportunity and Change Navigator, and quickly began engaging with support. Cara had been studying at university but was unable to cope and had to end her studies and return home. She was keen to re-engage with her studies, but was suffering with anxiety and depression, OCD and dyspraxia. Cara also wanted support in relation to improving her work-life balance, housing and domestic abuse.
Cara started attending Skills Plus for Change which helped her to establish a new routine, occupy her time meaningfully, and develop confidence through meeting and talking with other people. Cara also attended a Bush Craft event where she learned the basics of outdoor survival, working in groups and again developing confidence through interacting with others.
Cara’s goal was to study Criminology at degree level, without ‘failing’ as she felt she had done previously. Her Navigator supported her to apply to Nottingham Trent University, this time with additional support in place through student services. Cara was given an unconditional offer at the university, and began her studies in September 2019. She has since passed her first year of the Criminology degree, with an overall 2:1 grade. She states, ‘My Navigator helped me immensely. The previous year contained many upsets, and the coping mechanisms my Navigator helped me to develop got me through them. What helped me the most was the support I received to regain my motivation, establish new routines and develop methods to stay focused’.